Outsourced Director of IP

For emerging technology companies who do not yet need a full time Director of IP, I provide on-site counseling to assist them in developing their intellectual property strategy. My years of experience as both a patent litigator and a patent prosecutor have taught me how important it is to develop a strong intellectual property strategy early so that the company's business strategy can succeed. My experience has also provided me with the skills to develop such a strategy. My experience analyzing the economic value of patents provides me with the understanding to determine which patents may add the most value to my client's business.

My services include:

Patent Portfolio Management

Understanding my clients' technology and business goals to advise them on which innovations to patent

Patent Application Drafting

Combining a strong understanding of my clients' technology with my experience of how courts and juries analyze patents to draft patent applications so that they will protect my clients important business assets

Prosecuting patents through the USPTO

Clearly and effectively explaining even the most complicated patented technologies to expedite issuance of patents with claims that will provide economic value to my clients

Patent Counseling

Advising my clients on when to pursue patent licensing agreements, when to pursue litigation of their patents, and the best course of action in light of threatened patent litigation