Patent Procurement

In order to provide my clients with the strongest protection of their business assets, I focus my patent prosecution practice on all three of these distinct activities:

Patent Portfolio Management

My first step in working with my clients is to understand their business strategies and technology, so that we can develop a strong patent strategy that will advance their business goals, including determining which innovations to patent. As a litigator, I have much experience analyzing the economic value of patents after they have issued. I am able to apply that experience to determine which patents will add the most value to my client's business.

Patent Application Drafting

I develop a strong understanding of my clients' technology and draft patent applications to support my clients' business goals. With my M.S. in computer science, I am able to understand even the most technically challenging aspects of my clients' inventions. I combine this understanding with my experience of how courts and juries analyze patents to draft applications so that they will protect my clients important business assets.

Prosecuting patents through the USPTO

My experience litigating patents provides me with the ability to clearly and effectively explain even the most complicated patented technologies. Once a patent application has been filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office ("USPTO"), I use my strong communication skills to expedite issuance of the patent with claims that will provide economic value to my client by developing a relationship with the patent examiner and discussing the innovative technology with him or her.